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AIRED ON FRIDAY, OCT6, 2023. (3).png
CHECK OUT OUR RECENT DISCUSSION ON A PODCAST FROM SHARON FARINHOLT: An eye-opening conversation with my guests Sherry Riley and Sandi Webster with Family Promise of Northern Shenandoah Valley. Hear the challenges families facing homelessness encounter and also an inspiring account of the resilience and dedication of those working tirelessly to make a positive change.

The Valley Today show with Janet Michael, The River, 93.5 FM
Aired on  September 28, 2023

Janet Michael's conversation today is with Sandi Webster, Board President for Family Promise Northern Shenandoah Valley and Robin Russell, Program Coordinator, where they gave some insight into the homeless family crisis in our community. We talked about the need, learned the organization's history, how we can help individually and as a community, and got details for their upcoming Night Without a Bed.

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