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No financial reports to post yet. 

However, since you landed on this page,  
we want to share some great news


In early January 2023, Family Promise NSV

was awarded

a Family Promise National Housing and Stabilization Grant

through Clayton Homes' "A Future Begins at Home" initiative.

The $15,000 award is a matching grant which means

Family Promise NSV had to match $5,000

in order to receive the full grant amount. 

In March, after a presentation about Family Promise NSV to the Olgelsby Class at Braddock Street United Methodist Church,

the class as a group, and individual members donated

more than $5,000 to satisfy the match requirement .

Because of their generosity, in April we hired our first part-time Program Coordinator to begin providing desperately

needed  services to families with children in 

Winchester and Frederick County  who are at risk of  

or currently experiencing homeless.

While the match goal was met, we continue to need your     support as we begin identifing and serving families

struggling to provide a home for their children.

You can make a donation by clicking the DONATE button above.

Thank you Olgelsby Class for getting us to the $5,000 match!

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